Registrations information

New Competition and Online Team Registration System

In 2020 we launched a new website, registration program and an online competition management system.

All Club Managers (this may be your secretary, president or other nominated admin person) are responsible for completing online registration for teams into the competition for the 2021 season. 

A snapshot of the registration process is listed below.

  • Waiuku Netball Centre has created each of our clubs in the Friendly Manager system.
  • In the FM system your nominated admin person (this may be your secretary, president or other nominated admin person) is called the Club Manager.  The Club Manager will receive an email with temporary login details and instructions on how to change the password for your account.  Club Managers will also receive a guidance document for the registration process, copy can be downloaded from column to the right.
  • The Club Manager will login as the administrator and manage their clubs information.  The Club Manager will be able to register teams, see draws and your club account.
  • It is the job of the Club Manager to create teams and add team managers in the system, by adding teams to the relevant senior or junior competition grades.   
  • Once Club Managers have created teams and team managers, the system will automatically send out an email to the respective team managers with their individual login details.
  • Registering players/coaches/umpires to teams can be completed by either the Club Manager or Team Manager.  The registration information fields required, in order to meet NNZ statistics report requirements, are listed below.  Data is only accessible to people authorised by WNC and will not be shared with 3rd parties or used for any other purposes.  
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • School year (if relevant)
    • Email (for juniors the email field under Primary Contact for parent/caregiver must be completed, along with phone number for parent/caregiver )
    • Ethnicity
  • After players/coaches/umpires details have been entered, an email will be sent to them with their individual login details so they can update their own personal contact information.  For junior players the system requires email contact details for a parent/caregiver.  This is listed at the bottom of the registration page under Primary Contact.  
  • Once registered, players (or their parent/caregivers) can login to access their profile information, events calendar and their team membership.

Registration changes during season

For any changes to remove, swap or add players during the season please complete a Registration Changes Form and either email to Attn: Registrations Officer, or leave a copy with the Timekeepers on Saturdays .  The form can be found on our website, and copies will be held in the Timekeepers Office.